What our customers are saying:

“If you haven't visited Beech Grove Firearms you need to. It's the best we have in the city.”

​“bought two guns and went through about 200 rounds of ammo with my son in law Saturday, nice store, great shooting lanes, had a ball.”

​“The range is perfection!  Clean, well ventilated! The range officer was more than helpful! He also helped my wife quite a bit, and was the highlight of our visits.”

​“Every staff member I came in contact with was very helpful, nice, and just all around pleasant to chat with. Range officers were great and made themselves available for any needs of shooters. Range was by far the nicest indoor shooting range I have ever been to. Ventilation, Action Target systems, Lanes, and Lighting were all spectacular. No complaints whatsoever.  Not one person there (including the front shop area as well as the range) treated you like an idiot/novice/new-to-the-gun-world like most firearms retailers I have been to. Much kudos and respect to all at Beech Grove Firearms. I will certainly be back. Thanks to all.”

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About Us

On Saturday, December 15, 2012, at 9:00am, Beech Grove Firearms located at 3020 South Emerson Avenue in Beech Grove, Indiana opened its long awaited 12,500 square foot indoor shooting range, training facility and gun shop.

Beech Grove Firearms President Greg Burge said “This is a great opportunity for the public to experience shooting in a safe, clean, climate controlled range environment year round. We have also built a large classroom which will be utilized for firearms safety, familiarization, and hunter education training classes for men, women and children. This really is a win/win situation for both us as a business and the community.” ​

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