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Are you ready to shoot inside a state of the art, electric target controlled, clean, 25yard, 20 lane, year round climate controlled SHOOTING RANGE with clean fresh breathable air?

Here it is, the long awaited 12,500 square foot indoor shooting range, training facility and gun shop. Ranges rates will be $15.00/hr or $10.00 per ½ hour. A second shooter per booth is ½ price.

***Please note the Range takes any last hour shooter an hour and a half prior to closing and the last 30 minute shooter an hour prior to closing. 

Shooters ages 12-17 years old are allowed. Children 12-17 must be a 2nd shooter with a parent or guardian as the first shooter. 

3020 South Emerson Avenue

Beech Grove, IN 46107


Acceptable calibers are pistol and rifle calibers under .300WM and 10ga and under Shotgun Shells and Slugs. Reloads, Steel cased rounds, aluminum cased rounds and brass cased rounds are all acceptable. No black powder type shooting is allowed, including pyrodex and 777. No AP, Incendiary, Steel Core, Tracer or other Penetrator/Flammable rounds are allowed. Certain caliber rounds may be required to be purchased from BGF, Inc due to modern AP and Incendiary rounds being made for those calibers and not being properly marked.​

"Buy More Ammo"